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Foot And Ankle Surgery Specialist

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There are times when conservative measures aren’t enough to remedy foot and ankle problems, making surgery your best option. The team at Chicago Surgical Clinic features a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who has extensive experience performing successful surgeries with the goal of getting you back on your feet. To learn more about your foot and ankle surgery options, call the office in Arlington Heights, Illinois. You can also use the online scheduling tool to request an appointment.

Foot and Ankle Surgery Q & A

What are the most common foot problems that require surgery?

There are many foot conditions that can benefit from surgical intervention, including:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Flat feet
  • Fractures
  • Sports injuries
  • Neuromas
  • Diabetes complications

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it gives you an idea of the types of foot conditions that may require surgery.

When do ankle problems require surgery?

The most common ankle problems that require surgery are:

  • Arthritis (joint replacement surgery)
  • Severely sprained ankles
  • Achilles tendon rupture

This list is only representative of the types of ankle problems that the surgical team at Chicago Surgical Clinic can address surgically.

How do I know if I need surgery?

The team at Chicago Surgical Clinic typically exhausts conservative treatment options before they recommend surgery. In most cases, they can successfully resolve your foot and ankle problem without surgery, but if you exhibit any of the following, surgery may be your best course of action:

  • Ongoing pain or limited movement that resists treatment
  • Severe deformity
  • Complete tears of your tendon or ligaments
  • A severe fracture that needs internal fixation

Rest assured, the team at Chicago Surgical Clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools so that they can thoroughly evaluate your problem in order to come up with the most effective treatment plan. 

In some cases, surgery after an acute injury, such as a full rupture or tear of your Achilles tendon, should be done right away to avoid bigger problems down the road.

In other cases, progressive conditions like bunions or arthritis can reach the point where conservative treatments are ineffective, and surgery is the best solution.

What happens after foot and ankle surgery?

Once the team at Chicago Surgical Clinic surgically corrects your foot or ankle problem, their goal is to get you back to full mobility as quickly as possible. There’s no general timeline as it depends upon the extent of your surgery.

You should also count on physical therapy after your surgery, which will help you regain mobility and strengthen your supporting tissues.

The bottom line is that each surgery is unique, and you will need to practice patience as your foot or ankle heals. Pushing too hard, too soon, can undo the benefits of your surgery and set you up for reinjury.

To explore whether you may benefit from foot or ankle surgery, call Chicago Surgical Clinic or request a consultation using the online scheduling tool.